A brand new series on a new ranch in a new town, but guess what??? In book three of my Meadow Valley series, we will check in with the Everett brothers as they send their Aunt Jenna off on a trip to a guest ranch where she will finally get her very own HEA!

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*Includes a bonus novel by bestselling author, Carolyn Brown!*

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Delaney Harper thought she’d seen the last of Meadow Valley two years ago after she divorced her lying, cheating, gambler of a husband who left her broken-hearted and, well, just flat broke. But news that her ex sold their property—without legally removing her from the deed—means heading back to claim her share of the land—and possibly her dream.

Sam Callahan, co-owner of the Meadow Valley guest ranch, is barely keeping his head above water. He bought the land for a steal, but keeping a new business afloat is another story. When a gorgeous blonde barges onto his property on a quiet Friday afternoon insisting he bought the place in a fraudulent sale—and that she’s there to prove she still owns half the land—Sam realizes he’s got much more to worry about. He could lose everything—including his heart.


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